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The Coven is a coworking community designed for belonging, connection, and empowerment. Beyond our community workspaces, our digital experience is where even more magic happens.

What is The Coven?

The Coven is a vibrant and inclusive community that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and identities. We're here to empower and support radical changemakers as they navigate the intersections of work, life, and identity. 

What Can You Find Within Our Digital Community?

Learning Hub: Our online courses are a catalyst for professional and personal growth. With an active membership, you'll unlock unlimited access to regular virtual gatherings and on-demand professional development content. Dive into topics like financial wellness, inclusive leadership, entrepreneurship, and more. Use these resources to achieve your goals, acquire new skills, boost your confidence, and build networks that drive positive change in your life and beyond.

Community Connections: The Coven is built on foundations of connection and community. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or stepping into a leadership role for the first time, you'll find more than 1,000 like-minded members here to support you on your journey. Join special interest groups, dive into educational series, and expand your network by connecting with members who share your interests.

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